Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mercer Island: Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise?

This past weekend's ride through Bellevue, across I-90, and then around Mercer Island elicited a rather interesting question. "Do you ride around Mercer Island in a CLOCKWISE direction or COUNTER-CLOCKWISE direction?"

After some brief conversation, we chose to ride clockwise. But during our ride, a few of us explored the philosophical implications of clockwise or counter-clockwise riding.

This was the Saturday morning before Easter. In Pastor Jim Hayford's previous evening's Good Friday message, he included a reference to a quote by an old cowboy, "I've seen plenty of people die and they die pretty much the same way they lived." Pastor Jim elaborated on the quote that people can die afraid, alone, angry, or confident, peaceful, expectant. For those of us in Christ, we die confident, peaceful, and expectant.

This made a few of us apply this same line of thinking toward cycling. You pretty much RIDE the same way you LIVE. Do you live clockwise or counter-clockwise?

For those who ride counter-clockwise, perhaps they are contrarian, rebellious individuals who like to fly in the face of societal norms and accepted rules of behavior. Perhaps they have some deep-seated, repressed emotions that are desperately seeking release and are played out in a "against-the-flow" bicycle ride. Additionally, on Mercer Island, the counter-clockwise direction is largely downhill. These counter-clockwise riders look for the easy way out. They are softies seeking comfort and leisure.

On the flip side (literally), those who ride clockwise, are rational, well-behaved, law-abiding and responsible citizens. These are the kind of people you smile at when they ride by. They don't mind a challenge and would gladly ride uphill, grinning all the way. They are the kind of people you'd introduce your sister to, or maybe your mother, and invite over for a slice of Boston cream pie.

So what kind of rider are you? Whether it's a ride around Mercer Island or the ride of Life, are you a respectable clockwise rider or a trouble-making, rebellious counter-clockwise rider?

(For the record, myself, Jim N., John B., Cary B., are all clockwise riders. We suspect Warren L. is a counter-clockwise rider.)

Dist: 40.22
Time: 2:59:29
Avg: 13.4
Max: 35.0

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