Saturday, May 2, 2009

Camano Climb

The Camano Climb begins on Camano Island which is located in Island County between Whidbey Island and the mainland. Our route was a 45 mile loop around the island with plenty of hills. This was the first time I had ridden the ride. The weather was cool and potentially rainy, but except for some slight drizzles, we had a great day.

Our route took us past attractive waterfront cottages and cute homes. The hills proved to be a great benchmark for me as I tested out my climbing ability in preparation for my cross-country ride in just a month. Kristin and I broke away from the rest of our group and picked up speed until we soon reached our first food stop at a Grange Hall. The food was simple and not in great quantity, but it was good to break and rest.

We had our fill of what was available and hit the road again. We kept a good paceline, hammered up the hills, got a little wet from the drizzle, but enjoyed the green scenery. The route took us all the way to the southernmost point of Camano Island and then we turned north following the waterfront. I could see the appeal of island living here on this quiet, slower-paced community far from the busy-ness of the suburbs and urban areas.

Our route took us along the waterfront on the eastern edge of the island past large homes with beautiful views of the Puget Sound and mainland. We soon reached our second rest stop overlooking a beach strewn with driftwood. We relaxed and enjoyed the food, conversation, and view. As we mounted up to finish our ride, the weather improved and the roads dried out.

We reached the our starting point where a delicious spaghetti feed was waiting for us. We loaded our plates and filled our bellies then relaxed before loading our bikes in the car for the ride back home. Good ride. Good food. Good fellowship. Good Camano Island.

Riders: Bob H, Kristin, Rob M., David Z., Ken W., J.R., Jim
Dist: 45.11
Time: 2:55:27
Avg: 15.4

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