Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Ride for Impact Recap

From June 7 to July 28, 2009, Bob Horn cycled 4,000 miles from San Francisco, CA to Portsmouth, NH with America By Bicycle and about 24 other riders. Here is a video recap of his journey spanning 14 states, 52 days, five flat tires, and one amazing summer!


carole said...

Wow Bob!!! What a super job you did putting this together!!! I treat myself to reading about one day every day and read everyone's blog for that day - I was planning to read Day 47 tonight and saw this post on your blog. You did a great job of capturing the trip in 15 min and I love the music you put it to!!! I think you should make one for each of us!!! It brought back many many wonderful memories and the ride into the beach was spectacular!!! I think I will share this with lots of peope!! I will watch it many times!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Bob! Thanks for "taking us" on the journey with this video. Wow it is great to see a tour of the US in 15 minutes. Thank you for making this gift.
Oh, and the Journey and Kansas tunes were "classic." Far out!
- Ron Wilde

Anonymous said...

Bob you don't know me but I crossed country in 2007 and I really enjoyed this. I have a friend who rode with you, Carole. Met her on the internet thru Doc Dave Moore, who rode with us. This was really a life changing event for me. Hope you feel this way also. I am now 69 and would love to do something like this again but it may not happen, life can be like that ,but I have enjoyed all the blogs for now and do intend to do some riding in the next few years. Hope you stay on the wonderful high and enjoy forever this memory andget to do lots more. Arlene Vester,Chatom Al

Young Bob said...

Younger Bob, great job and I sure appreciate being included in your distribution. Looking at the video brought tears to my eyes as I recalled the great trip but most importantly the fantastic people I met and cycled with. Hope you, Susie and the kids had a great time in Boston and New York and y'all had your fill of pizza!

Young Bob

chris said...

Just watched the trip again -- what a flood of memories. This time last year I was preparing body and bike and now it's just a packed away memory. Reminds me of life's journey. The best is yet to come. Jesus said eternal life is this -- that you know me and the one who sent me. And when He returns this journey will only be a packed away memory that pales to what then is. Thanks again for how you captured these wonderful memories, Bob