Sunday, March 8, 2009

From Snow to Sunshine

Our first EFC Cycling Club ride of the year looked to be a very wet and very cold one. As I cycled the seven miles from home to Eastside Foursquare Church, I got my first phone call from a new rider who had planned to join us but was now calling to say, "No way." As the rain began to fall, I figured I might be alone today. Would I ride more than just the seven miles back to home?

But shortly after shooting the video above of the lightly falling hail/snow, Rob pulled up and greeted me. The ride was on! But, now I was committed. No turning back. Rob is new to our club and spent the last year in Australia. I commented that this was NOT Australia weather. He smiled and nodded as he pulled a jacket over his kangaroo emblazoned MAPEI jersey.

While chatting with Rob, David rode up and joined in. Now we knew who the dedicated cyclists are! I shared a brief devotional, we prayed, and then headed down the hill. As we rolled through Kenmore and turned north, I was ecstatic to see blue sky and sunshine breaking through the gray clouds. This day's ride might turn out far better than I expected!

Our route took us through Brier and then onto the Interurban bike trail where warm sunshine illumined our course. In fact, the sun stayed on us all the way through Mill Creek where we stopped at the Seattle Hill Road Starbucks for coffee and oatmeal.

The warmth of the Starbucks was welcomed as we lounged in the oversized chairs and told stories about our off-season cycling adventures. It was good to be back on the bikes. And back on the bikes we needed to be.

As we departed Starbucks, the clouds had caught up with us and we faced a stiff headwind. But, fortunately the rain still abated. Our route wove through new developments and old neighborhoods taking us east and then south through Clearview. We stopped for a photo op at Clearview Nursery & Stone which is notable for it's petroliana (gas station collectibles), commercial signs, and whimsical decor that adorn the property.

Both David and Rob took turns holding up the world--which is actually an old Union 76 gas station sign repainted to look like Earth. Who said cycling isn't hard work!

At the end of our ride, we congratulated each other on beating out the rain. I said farewell and went inside EFC to rest and warm up for my remaining seven miles home which would round out the day at an even 50. Upon heading back outside to mount up and hit the road, I noticed my run of good weather had run out.

It was finally raining.

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