Sunday, February 22, 2009

Getting Chili at Chilly Hilly

The 2009 Chilly Hilly began with rain and gray over Elliott Bay. Two other riders planning to join us dropped out before the morning had even started, fearful of a wet and dreary ride in the rain. But, having already registered, I pressed on and met up with Jim, Artie, and Ken.

As we waited to board the ferry to Bainbridge island, we saw clearer skies to the southwest and were hopeful that the fairer weather was headed our way. We were blessed accordingly. Over the 33 mile route, we stayed dry and far warmer than we expected. The wet roadways from rain earlier in the day did kick up enough grit to get our bikes and shoes sufficiently dirty.

The sun broke out as we neared the finish and then readied ourselves for the tasty Chilly Hilly chili. Here are some more scenes from our first official ride of the season:

Jim, Artie, Bob, and Ken at the finish

Smiles on the roadside ready with refreshments!

Boarding the ferry and heading back to home

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