Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ride Around Washington: Day 3

Day 3: Chelan to Leavenworth - Tuesday, August 6

My day started with David saying I kinda looked like a chick. 

Let me add the context to he emasculating comment. When I got dressed, I knew this was going to be another scorcher. So I put on my red sleeveless jersey. Bryant did the same. (Unplanned, but not altogether surprising if you know us.) Then I added a pair of white arm warmers because it was still chilly in the early morning hours. And that's when David looked at me and asked, "You going with the arm warmers?"

"Yes." I replied. "Why?"

"Well, cuz you kinda look like a chick."

I informed David that he would pay for his fashion critique. I would be passing him later today and promptly pushing him and his sissy recumbent bike over. I said that right before I took off my arm warmers. 

The day was indeed a warm one from the start. Our route took us along the south shore of Lake Chelan. The morning sun lit up the deep blue water which reflected the sunlight over the water's calm surface. The lake was quiet on this Tuesday morning. But one wave boarder was out early taking advantage of the glassy water. 

As we turned south away from the lake, we climbed about 800 feet up the Navarre Coulee to State Route 971. The view from the top overlooking Lake Chelan was stunning. But the payoff might have been even better. Our downhill took us speeding into a cool forested valley before dropping us down to US97 and the Columbia River. The temperature must have dropped 20 degrees from the top of the hill to the forest below. And then back up to the 90s when we reached US97. 

Our mid-morning rest stop was at Earthquake Point. This was where an earthquake in Dec. 1872 resulted from volcanic Glacier Peak 90 miles away exploding. The earthquake sheared this cliff and rockfall stopped the flow of the Columbia River. I know about lightning not striking twice but I wasn't sure about earthquakes and volcanos so we kep our stop pretty brief. 

About 15 miles down the road we arrived at Rocky Reach Dam for our lunch. I remarked to Jim that this was our second dam food stop in two days. He added that it was dam good. 

After lunch, we resumed our long ride down US97 and the tuned west through Wenatchee orchards, across the Wenatchee River, over a one-lane bridge, and into Cashmere. 

I had been to Cashmere years ago but had never explored it. Riding through the historic downtown revealed the charming nature of this fruit-growing and packaging community. As we rolled past one of the large fruit processing plants at 12:30pm, workers were streaming out for lunch. I noticed they were all wearing long pants, jackets, and hoodies. It was a striking contrast to the heat we were riding in. Then I realized they were working in a giant fruit refrigerator. I almost turned around to see if I could stop inside for awhile. 

Only a few more miles through Dryden, Peshastin, more orchards, new stunning views of the approaching Cascades, and soon we were in Leavenworth. It was our shortest ride this week--69 miles--but I was feeling fairly baked by the hot sun. My remedy? Susie showed up at our finish line, whisked me away to the Enzian Inn where I'm now resting very comfortably on a Queen bed with the AC blasting. Tomorrow is our rest day and I'll be resting here quite nicely. Thanks sweetie. It's good to be have you stop by!

Distance: 69.77 miles
Time: 4:39
Avg: 14.9 mph
Max: 38.9 mph

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