Monday, August 5, 2013

Ride Around Washington: Pines to Vines

Day 0 - Saturday, August 3, 2013

Who signs up for a 447 mile trip that requires you to be the primary mode of transportation--that mode being a bicycle? That same 447 miles could easily be covered in a day by a car, a motorcycle, a bus, or any other motorized contraption. But no. I'll cover that distance by bike. And I'm excited to do so!

Joining me on this excursion are three other motor-deprived friends--Bryant Sabandal, Jim Nelson, and David Johnson. Another 220 cyclists from Cascade Bicycle Club will also make the trek. 

Our route is Lake Curlew State Park in North Central Washington just 50 or so miles from the Canadian border, south through Tonasket, Chelan, Leavenworth, Yakima, Bickleston, and finishing at Mary Hill State Park on the Columbia River. 

Today we loaded bikes on a semi, luggage on a bus, and sat back for an all-day drive from Seattle to Lake Curlew State Park. After arriving around 4pm, we set up our RAW tent city, relaxed in the late afternoon sun, then enjoyed dinner from the mobile kitchen that feeds 225 hungry cyclists each morning and evening in an hour and a half. 

Following dinner, a short rain cooled the air and gave me an opportunity to relax inside my brand new, never been used $99 REI tent. So far, so good. 

At 7:30 we gathered for our nightly Rider's Meeting where we met the RAW organizing committee, received our map and route cue sheet for Sunday, had the requisite safety discussion (pass on the left, stay hydrated, paceline with caution, etc.)

After the meeting, we got ready for bed and most of the camp was asleep in their tents by 9:30. I finally drifted off to sleep lulled by the quiet snoring coming from the tent behind me. Thank goodness for earplugs!

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